Tuesday, June 29, 2010

'Our Public School' Update

Just over one year ago, we held an event at Mu‘umu‘u Heaven to introduce a great new non-profit called Our Public School.

This group was formed to help share best practices in education from across the country.

Here's a quick update from them...we've only included some of their recent accomplishments. Don't forget to check their website for all the details. ALOHA

{This is an exciting time for Our Public School, which is now progressing by the day. In the past 6 weeks alone, Our Public School has done the following:

-Created a Youtube Channel which includes our first 4 Best Practice Videos in Hawai‘i and collectively have over 1,100 views.
-Launched two social media campaigns with the purpose of engaging the public in our schools.
-Launched an in depth FB and twitter strategy which includes a new statistic on education each day and a featured best practice of the week.
-We launched Maya Soetoro-Ng's Facebook page which will include Our Public School's news and updates}

Our Public School web site

We wish them continued success!!!

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