Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ea Eckerman Art Show Feb. 12th 4-7pm

Aloha February!

This month we are thrilled to announce a new artist to Muumuu Heaven, Ea Eckerman.

On Tuesday, February 12th we will be celebrating with an
artist's reception at Muumuu Heaven from 4-7pm.
Please join us for pupu's, drinks and wonderful new inspiring Art works.

Ea is maybe best known here in Hawaii for his poster work for the Women's Triple Crown of Surfing, Kokua Festival, etc.

We are very excited to see his latest works in Mu‘umu‘u Heaven and hope that you will join us for a fun afternoon on Tuesday February 12th.

Ea Eckerman was born in California and moved to the North Shore of Oahu at an early age. Raised on the beach and in the warm waters of the Pacific, Ea developed a deep appreciation for nature in its many forms and always looked to its
beauty and strengths for inspiration.

Leaving the North Shore of Oahu in 1989 to attend the University of California at Santa Cruz, Ea found himself exploring a new coastline and new habitat for creativity. He received a Fine Arts Degree in 1993 and settled into a studio in Santa Cruz where he settled into a studio in Santa Cruz where he has been producing a large body of work.

Since then, his work has been shown throughout the state and his pieces are in collections across the nation, from New York to Hawaii.

Lots of LOVE,
the Angels xxxooo

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